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Writing from Asia
by Andrew Symon

Foreword by Milton Osborne
Edited by Bryan Havenhand

Based for 12 years in Singapore, and before that, 5 years in Indonesia, Andrew Symon was better known in these and neighbouring countries than in his home country, Australia. His research, analysis and reporting on a range of topical issues—in particular energy and resources—was highly regarded.  Though he specialised in energy and resources, he had a keen eye for politics, personalities and the history of Southeast Asia and wrote accordingly.

This posthumous collection draws upon his research for private clients and articles published in newspapers, journals and online. It provides a cross-section of the writing of Andrew Symon from 2000 to 2009, mostly from the latter years. Much of this work deals with matters not yet resolved, especially in the areas of geopolitics and energy. Chapters are:

Politics and Personalities

  • Chapter 1 Testament to the idea of Indonesia
  • Chapter 2 Giants need not be selfish
  • Chapter 3 Hanoi raring to join world stage
  • Chapter 4 Petronas, Malaysia’s national champion
  • Chapter 5 Southeast Asia’s climate challenge
  • Chapter 6 Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Chapter 7 Regional race for Laos’ riches
  • Chapter 8 Russian revival for Southeast Asia
  • Chapter 9 Thailand a key to new Myanmar sanctions
  • Chapter 10 Middle East investment turns to East Asia
  • Chapter 11 ADB stepping in to protect the Mekong
  • Chapter 12 Linking the Greater Mekong
  • Chapter 13 Inflation tests Vietnam’s growth
  • Chapter 14 Foreign business stakes high in Cambodian election
  • Chapter 15 Anwar plays the Borneo card
  • Chapter 16 Singapore at ‘green’ cutting edge
  • Chapter 17 Preah Vihear raises the stakes
  • Chapter 18 Two-party system now possible for Cambodia
  • Chapter 19 Hanoi’s path to property crosses Catholics
  • Chapter 20 Another term likely for SBY

Energy and Resources

  • Chapter 21 Timor Sea natural gas development
  • Chapter 22 ASEAN revisits regional energy grids
  • Chapter 23 Fuelling Southeast Asia’s growth
  • Chapter 24 Petroleum and mining in Southeast Asia
  • Chapter 25 Why miners dig Indochina
  • Chapter 26 The making of Vietnam’s oil giant
  • Chapter 27 Hydropower in the Greater Mekong region
  • Chapter 28 Thailand thinks small
  • Chapter 29 Asian firms compete for Myanmar’s LNG
  • Chapter 30 Nuclear power in Southeast Asia
  • Chapter 31 Aluminium east of Suez
  • Chapter 32 Southeast Asia’s disputed waters
  • Chapter 33 Deal on South China Sea oil?
  • Chapter 34 Papua New Guinea on the brink
  • Chapter 35 Southeast Asia’s quest for energy security

Book Reviews

  • Chapter 36 Chin Peng
  • Chapter 37 The New Chinese Empire
  • Chapter 38 Target North Korea
  • Chapter 39 The River Runs Black
  • Chapter 40 An Indonesian Frontier
  • Chapter 41 Bandung 1955
  • Chapter 42 Different Societies, Shared Futures
  • Chapter 44 Building Cambodia
  • Chapter 43 Naga Cities of the Mekong
  • Chapter 45 Forgotten Wars
  • Chapter 46 Sukarno and the Indonesian coup
  • Chapter 47 Phnom Penh
  • Chapter 48 My friend the fanatic
  • Chapter 49 Hard times in the lands of plenty


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